A Pastor’s Perspective on the Election

Follower of Christ,

If your family’s future depended on how you voted this year, wouldn’t you take it seriously?

This election is so important. The outcome will either take us closer to or further away from Godly principles. Decisions will be made by the new Supreme Court Justices, whose beliefs will reflect those appointing them. So, what do the candidates believe?

Our votes can’t be based on a candidate’s personality, their past, or superficial attributes, but instead on their beliefs. Do their beliefs align with God’s Word? Shouldn’t we allow our faith to form our political supportive reasonings? If we truly believe the Scriptures are inspired by God, then let us see what He has to say on the subject.

Whether it’s from the Old or New Testament, God’s Word speaks truth. God’s moral law doesn’t change, and He doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6). To truly be a follower of Christ means to speak, think, and act like Jesus, who always did and spoke the things He heard His Father say and do (John 8:29,38); what’s more, Jesus and the Father always agree (John 11:27,31).

Clinton and Trump have clear differences on their positions. Whoever is elected will determine our future on important issues like the definition of marriage, the right to life, government vs. private health care, the national debt, and our religious freedoms.

If every Christian will vote according to biblical values, we can change the future of our country. Please join us in taking a stand for righteousness so we can continue to be “one nation under God.”

And please remember: no matter what happens in this election, Jesus is still our Lord and Savior–not the government! But let’s at least vote as though it matters.

Published in the Pastor’s Perspective section of the Steele County Times 11/01/2016.