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The Covid Vaccine (revised 06-15-22)

  1. It is not a normal v***ne (It’s not part of the virus but a mNRA shot). mRNA stands for messenger ribonucleic acid. They’re single-stranded molecules that carry genetic code from DNA in a cell’s nucleus to ribosomes, which make protein in the cells. These molecules are called messenger RNA because they carry instructions for producing proteins from one part of the cell to another.
  2. We do not know the effects of this mRNA manipulation of our immune system and how it will cause our immune system to stop working the way God designed it, since we do not have long term trials on humans.
  3. This “v****ne” has not proven safe for either humans or animals. They skipped the normal clinical trial that can take many years, sometimes 10-15 years for a new type of vaccine to be proven safe. And animals never got through the trials in a healthy way, most died the rest got very sick after new variants were introduced.
  4. By mid June 2022 there have been over 28,714 deaths have been reported and hundreds of thousands of serious side effects such as miscarriages, heart attacks, bells palsy etc. It could cause infertility in both men and women. Only 1-10% of people report these numbers so the numbers are much higher. It’s frustrating how the MSM have hid that from the public. Visit the Vaers . org website and download data.
  5. The Numbers of deaths from the virus have been boosted from flu virus and other viruses.
  6. Since the test kits were produced too sensitive to other viruses (proven), not everyone tested positive is really positive for Covid 19.
  7. If they dropped the swine flu v****ne at 53 deaths why have they not stopped the mRNA va****ne at well over 28,000 deaths in the US alone (why are they allowing so many deaths, almost as though they want to depopulate the earth, hmm). These deaths are well documented on the official website, so no it’s not fake news. 
  8. Why would I chance the v****ne at these horrific numbers when the death rate is so low for most people, only the immune deficient are at greater risk. (99.8% recovery rate- about the same as a serious flu season). International experts suggest that 90% COVID cases could be false positives. So take 10% of what they say about total cases and you will have the truth.
  9. Most who get the virus have less severe symptoms than the flu and some not at all. It might be very contagious but generally not more dangerous than the flu for most people. If you do not fear the common flu- You should not fear covid.
  10. A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all v*****ne programs.
  11. Why would I take a potentially dangerous v****ne for myself when there are supplements and medications already available at very inexpensive costs. Both Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin are wonderful medications. 12-48 hrs after taking the Ivermectin medication the virus is dead. These can be prescribed from online Doctors who understand the dangers of the v****ne and who want to help people get well and stay well, if you can’t find a doctor in your area who will help you. Other supplements which are very helpful for prevention and to build your immune system to fight the virus are Vitamin D, Zinc and Vit C as well as NAC and Quercetin.

Why do people want the unvaccinated to wear the mask? It’s our body and our choice! If the Vaccinated are so safe (and they are not any safer than the others as we can see from the reports that they can still get the virus and spread it, only some of the symptoms might be dealt with) then why should they care if the unvaccinated don’t wear their masks? If they are afraid, they should wear their mask but we all know wearing the mask is like trying not to get bitten by mosquitoes while sitting in a tent made of chain link fence. That is the size of the virus to the size of the gaps in the fibers of the masks. LASTLY, I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THE GUINEA PIGS. It’s not worth it. I can read and see the results of what is happening. You just need to stop buying the lie on the MSM that the vaccine is a must when they will never tell you the true dangers. They hide it all from the public because there is an agenda. Summary: 1. There is an extremely low mortality risk .2% or less. 2. There have been fraudulent death statistics, only about 10% is truly covid-19 related, and 3. Effective treatments exist. So why would I take the risk with an experimental v****ne, authorized only for emergency use by the FDA but not approved and not tested properly. My prayers are with anyone who ignorantly (did not do research on the “v****ne” as the media hid it) and took this v****ne. I love you and wish you the best and will believe with you for protection by God as you did not know the harm. Meanwhile, please open your eyes to the truth, search for it and you will find it even though the social media companies have done their best to hide it. Things are about to change – some good and some not so good. But I am here for you and I love you all. Hang in there as we may go through some dark times but the light will shine much brighter Christ followers. Truth will be exposed and our nation will be stronger. Stop the fear and walk away from the pressure and enjoy life. Why I won’t be vaccinated? because I want a long life with my wife, children and grandchildren and watch them grow up, kiss them, hug them and enjoy being around them and continue serving my God and Savior Jesus Christ for many more years.