Many Claim to be Christians

What is a Christian? Originally they were called “Followers of The Way”, which was based on a quote of Jesus saying that He was “The Way, The Truth and The Life” (John 14:6). That’s a bold statement coming from anyone else. Who else can say they are the only way, the only truth and the only giver of life?

There are many today however who would call Jesus a liar because they believe there are various paths to eternal life. But if Jesus is a liar then He is also not Lord because that would disqualify Him from taking our place on the cross. He died as our substitute, his perfection for our imperfection.

To choose one’s own way of salvation is to choose spiritual death, separation from God for eternity. Refusing Jesus as the only way is to refuse true salvation. A genuine Christian is not someone who goes to church or believes that God exists. A genuine Christian is someone who embraces absolute truth through a relationship with Jesus.

Only Jesus is The Way, the Truth and The Life and no man shall come to God for salvation any other way.

Are you a follower of Christ or merely in name only? Have you accepted Him as Master of your life, forsaking what you know is wrong to follow Him? Have you put your complete trust in Him? Or do you still think you can be saved based on your own goodness? You would have to be perfect.

We have to rely on Christ’s work on the cross. Let’s make it simple, here is what we do: 1. Believe Jesus is God and came to earth as a human to die for mankind and was raised from the dead by God himself. 2. Confess your sin to God, turn away from your sin and begin following Him. 3. Completely trust in His righteous work on the cross to save you. Have you accepted Jesus as Your Lord? Are you a Follower of The Way? Or just a Christian in name only? The ball is in your court.