The Greatest Gift of All

The whole world marks the years by the birth of Christ. “AD” stands for anno Domini which means “in the year of the Lord”.  When God became man, the Creator became the creation. He became human to take our sinfulness upon Himself on the cross.

Isaiah 7 tells us God gave a sign that He was coming as a man. What was the sign? It was The Virgin Birth. The Holy Spirit had a specific role, to place God’s seed in the womb of Mary. We call that The Immaculate Conception.

An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph saying, “the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”

Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through Isaiah the prophet: “BEHOLD, THE VIRGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD AND SHALL BEAR A SON, AND THEY SHALL CALL HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” which translated means, “GOD WITH US.”

That is the most beautiful love act of all, that God came to earth to save us. The Virgin Birth signaled the fact that Jesus was fully God and fully man. He came from the Father, was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a woman.

Some think that Jesus was just a man, or perhaps a prophet, but He was much more than that. He was God in human form.

As a man, Jesus understands all that we go through, He lived and died in our place to pay the penalty for our sins. And His sacrifice broke the power of evil over us.

When Jesus died, we were freed from the power of death. When He came to life again, that guaranteed our eternal destination. Now we must accept the Greatest Gift of all, God’s Son, to be saved. Would you accept Him today with this prayer?

Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God. I give my life to You today. Please cleanse and renew me. Thank You for taking my penalty for sin upon Yourself. Equip me to serve You and others rather than myself. In Jesus’ name, Amen.